Matter of Brand is my most recent business launch, leveraging my years of experience working with a diverse set of industries, technologies, and complex challenges.

This business is built on my relentless pursuit of knowledge, my continual drive for innovation that makes an impact, the ability to learn from both setbacks and successes, the wisdom that only comes over time, and the faith to commit to a calling of helping brands matter more.
Coby Pachmayr, Principal/Founder with his wife, best-friend, and professional artist, Pamela Pachmayr.

Our approach is based on growing your business not increasing the size of our team.

We launched Matter of Brand to differentiate and separate our strategic consulting, management, and development services from the media and production services of our other businesses -- without limiting our role in the technical implementation and execution in order to deliver results.

It has always been important that clients not just view us as consultants with good ideas, but having the depth of technical and tactical knowledge needed to engineer and deliver end-to-end solutions, from idea to implementation.

This new business and model is based on working with a limited number of clients at a time, and only working with a select group of trusted individuals, freelancers, and agencies that share our same values and approach to helping brands - specifically through a focus on differentiation and optimizing the audience experience.

This approach provides our clients with a wider range of options when it comes to their specific goals, budget, and time-frames. It also means that our clients can get the personal attention and relationship that comes from a boutique agency, while still having access to a wide range of talent and skills typically only found in a larger agency. And for smaller organizations, it means more flexibility without the need to project-manage multiple vendors.

Brand support that focuses on
 what matters

We help organizations increase top-line revenues and improve overall financial performance by differentiating their brand in the marketplace and focusing on optimizing brand performance at every touchpoint.

We help organizations build their brand value
from the inside out

We start with understanding (or defining) the brand culture, philosophy aspirational goals. We then identify core brand strengths to build on, and opportunities for improving brand performance.

We help organizations optimize their brand
from the outside in

We look at the marketplace and brand value through the lens of the client, customer, constituent, partner, employee, or whoever the organization is trying to reach. We look at the expectations being set by the brand messaging and evaluate those expectations relative to the audience experience.

We specialize in helping clients
with the following challenges:

You need to break free from the 'status quo' and internal biases in order to reach "the next level" for your organization.
You need to differentiate in a highly-competitive, highly-regulated, or highly-regarded as a commoditized industry.
You have a complex target audience (For example, a manufacturer selling through distributors, to resellers, to ultimate end-customers.)
You need someone that has a wide range of consulting experience coupled with an entrepreneurial/business-owner mindset that can lead from ideation to implementation.
You want a firm that can flexibly price solutions based on the organization's life stage, size, needs, and goals.
You want a firm that can think beyond traditional time & materials billing and that can offer custom pricing based on flat-rate, fixed-fee plus costs, performance-based pricing, or a combination of billing options.

We deliver value through
and experience

across a wide range of organizations, industries and technologies.

Even when we do a lot of work within a specific industry, we pride ourselves on the ability to keep an outsider's perspective. We believe that every brand and situation is unique, that continual innovation is critical, and that it is our job to help clients push-back against the status-quo in order to help their brand differentiate and matter in the marketplace.
The advantage of this perspective combined with our wide range of industry and technical experience is that we are often able to solve problems more quickly or economically than our clients expect, and often more creatively than 'experts' with limited vertical experience.

Some of our past experience and success include:

Organizational Size and Budgets
Small startups
Small-to-Mid Size Firms
Large National Enterprises
Government Agencies
Global/International Firms
Types of Solutions/Services
Brand/Messaging Strategy
Advertising (Digital, Direct)
CRM Deployments
Conversion Optimization
Data Analytics
E-commerce Development
Media Production
Product/Market Development
Sales Process Development
Software Development
System Integration
Various Verticals and Industries
Financial Services
Government / DoD
Healthcare (Equipment, Sales)
HVAC (Manufacture/Resale)
Legal Services
Real Estate
Software Development