Initial Engagement Challenge

A 25-year old digital controls manufacturer started to experience reseller and customer attrition. With flatlined revenues and no revenue growth for the past 14-years, they hired a different design agency to improve their outdated website. However, even with approved aesthetics and design, the situation turned worse as the website leads suddenly dropped off. With rapidly declining leads and increasing reseller attrition they hired IdeaSpring consulting (now Matter of Brand) to troubleshoot the root causes.

Engagement Discovery and Issue Identification

  • The new website created by the former agency looked better however it introduced new friction and poor user-experience (UX) that made it more difficult for clients to find the information they needed, and made it more difficult to submit their interest.
  • Doing a technical marketing analysis of the website and messaging highlighted issues in clearly identifying any clear value proposition for prospects to work with the firm.
  • Internal brand culture review and assessment uncovered internal communication and decision-making issues that lead to bottle-necks with product engineering and innovation. These issues resulted in a product that did not meet existing client needs (resulting in attrition) and that fell behind competitor products being evaluated by prospective resellers (reduced acquisition.)


  • Design Discovery and Brand Refresh
    Led stakeholders through a brand refresh, modernizing their logo, redesigning their website to improve the UX for both existing and prospective resellers, customers, and other industry stakeholders.
  • Brand and Market Discovery
    Identified and built upon the core strengths of the business and working with reseller focus groups developed clear value propositions, strategic messaging, and product engineering roadmap.
  • Strategic Leadership
    Stepped into an acting CMO and leadership role within the organization. Helped change the internal brand culture, and helped resolve internal relationships and communications to improve overall performance. Worked across the organization in conjunction with the CEO and COO to resolve hiring, operational, technological, and operational issues.
  • Business, Product, and Sales Development
    Led multiple reseller-customer conferences including site selection, event coordination, and provided keynote speech to build reseller and customer excitement for the brand and its turn-around.

Results Delivered

  • Increased their revenue by 125% in just 18 months after they had experienced zero growth for the prior 14 years.
  • Increased the quality, number (count), and size (sales potential) of leads acquired through the website and directly attributed to the clarity of messaging delivered by the sales team.
  • Improved the internal brand-culture and relationships, and solved major bottlenecks impacting engineering, and delivered a customer-experience (CX) focused technology roadmap.
  • Directly contributed to bringing in new technology partners and developing a new product line to make the business more competitive in the marketplace.